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Young Energy Source  Y.E.S Mineral Water
Young Energy Source Co., Ltd.(YES), established at 1989, is well known in Taiwan by producing "YES mineral water." In the meantime, the YES is also the first factory that awards the Mineral Water GMP. Since 1989 the factory established till now, the YES has already achieve a great fame in these few years.

YES has huge investment at industry facilities. YES insists on producing the best mineral water drink and other water drinks for people with the idea of using the best facilities, the most advanced technics, and the most cautious administration and the honest way. YES believed that the 21st century will be synonymous with water-YES!

Sunshine, Fresh Air, Water-Things that no one can reproduce……

Life is derived from "sunshine, fresh air, and water." Although the three elements of life are everywhere, they exist only in nature, and can't be reproduced by human beings. All people can do is to preserve them and treasure them.

Nature is our factory.

Natural spring wateris a precious elixir blended by the Creator. Like "sunshine, fresh air, and water," it is originated only from nature. It can't be reproduced by people, and even the most carefully processed water can't compare with it.This is why YES factory is nature. YES takes its water from natural mineral springs, packages it in pure, non-polluting containers, and gives people the very finest water.

Packaging natural mineral water exactly as it is originated from the spring.

YES uses the power of human beings and technology to package natural mineral water exactly as it is originated from the spring. Every bottle of mineral water that gets into our customers' hands preserves 100% of its natural mineral spring flavor and original purity.

As far as YES is concerned, the several hundred million NT dollars we have spent on the development of water sources and construction of plants has all been for the purpose of "preserving nature."

YES firsts:

* The largest mineral water bottler in Asia.

* The first plant in Taiwan to install PET bottle-making machines.

* The first firm in Taiwan to receive the Mineral Water GMP certification.

We are totally committed to preserving every last bit of the original flavor.

All YES employees honor national GMP requirements for mineral water and ISO 9001 international quality assurance procedures, providing more guarantees of the meticulous attention we pay to the bottling process.

* GMP mineral water standards and regulations:The water sources must be naturally flowing, without any potential pollution in the vicinity; the water must be filtered through the rock strata and contain natural mineral substances; the water must be sterilized by physical means within 24 hours, packaged at the place where it originates, and meet strict quality standards.

We make the original flavor of natural, healthy mineral water available to everyone.

YES has set up an extensive distribution network throughout Taiwan. Advertisements in newspapers, on television, freeway billboards, in-store displays, and bus billboards let everyone know about the wonder of natural mineral springs and the healthy original flavor of YES products. From start ro finish, YES has had only one ultimate goal: to make it easy for everyone to enjoy YES natural, healthy products.

* YES mineral water is the best-selling mineral water in Taiwan, and is customers' highest-rated beverage brand. (ICP report, Breakthrough magazine)

We are setting a trend towards quality natural purity in Taiwan's beverage market.

YES products bring the orginal flavor of natural mineral water into people's lives. All products are made with natural mineral water, giving customers a range of high-quality beverage options. And in order to give our customers even more peace of mind, we use only transparent bottles.

* YES Mineral Water-Fine tea made with good water.

* YES Sport Water-Low electrolyte content, refreshing and free of a burden.

* YES Rose Hips Tea-No caffeine, a favorite of the ladies.

We are concerned about people and the land, and we want to build an ever better tomorrow.

Besides playing its role as a supplier of natural, healthy beverages, YES is also deeply concerned about the land and its people. YES first contribution to Taiwan has been to improve the quality of life in the To Chen Town of Yi Lane County, where our plant is located.

YES has assumed its share fo responsibility for protecting the environment. In full compliance with the government's plastic bottle recycling policy. YES pays more environment protection tax than any other beverage firm. We have donated YES mineral water to C.T.U.S.F. for many years, and we sponsor bowling competitions, singing contents, and Chinese New Year's holiday activities.

Sunshine! Fresh Air! YES! The 21st century will be synonymous with water-YES!

The reason YES mineral water is so superior is that it is originated from nature and cannot be replaced by an artificial product. The feeling it gives is like being immersed in natural sunshine and fresh air.

* YES will always be protector of the nation's waters.

* YES is synonymous with water: Sunshine, fresh air, YES!

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